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Kalakuta Passport

Afro-beat: the original creation of legendary musical genius Fela Kuti, this distinctly West African blend of jazz, funk, rhythm, and revolution is today a worldwide phenomenon.


All pulsing dance beats cam from Africa.

Mad for Madagascar

The utterly unique sounds of the valiha, kabosy and gorodo, with legends like D’Gary, Justin Vali, and Erick Manana

African Floor Filler

Nonstop dance insanity with Coupe Decale, Soukous, Kwaito, Funana, Mbalax, Makossa, Hiplife, and more

Banned in Tehran

The hottest sounds from top Iranian stars today. Check out the totally illegal, sin-inducing dance tracks in this intense mix

Kiss of Kizomba

The smoothest of smooth Cabo Verde and Angola grooves from Philip Monteiro, To Semedo, Mobass, Rene Cabral, Kino, and others

M’m! M’m! Makossa!

Who can resist the infectious upbeat Makossa vibe from Cameroon? Includes the greats like Petit Pays, Guy Lobe, Ben Decca, Papillon, and many more.

Soukous Sucre

Soukous is the greatest of all African styles, and these are the absolute best Soukous artists, from Pepe Kalle, to Kanda Bongo Man, to Soukous Stars …and more

La Shoppe de Yop

Cote d’Ivoire has the hottest, most diverse musical scene on the continent. Check out the Ivoirian take on Reggae, Mandingue, Coupe Decale, Afro-Zouk, and Zouglou

Arab Street Heat

Explosive Arabic dance mix, including Amr Diab, Hakim, Assi Al Hillani, Douzi, and more. Identified by the US govt. as a “State Sponsor of Dancing.”